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Chess Titans 1

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Chess Titans 1

Chess Titans, one of the most loved game of chess using Windows XP, Vista is available for download on Windows 8, until now!

Virtual chess fans managed to create an unofficial version ChessTytani Win 8 Finally, you can return to this classic free!

Titanic did not change

Windows 8 versionIt is an adaptation of the classic chess religii.Znajdziesz before the 3D version of chess. The rules are unchanged: pawns to be sacrificed at the epicenter of the board, the Knights moved form of «L», and boring.

zaczynaszszachy? Chess Titans is very focused on helping newcomers.You will be able to learn in the time you have available each Lao sin. You will also need various levels of difficulty.

myśliszurodziła Chess Titans will give you? You can download options and other classics free Windows game like Solitaire or Minesweeper heart. All of them can adapt toWindows 8.

Szachowaładna for you

Chess Titans is a beautiful version of chess Thanks to nejzinata3D graphics. The camera faithfully mimics what you see if you were in a real competition. Pieces and board to design appropriate proporcji.Można also plays with pieces of porcelain, wood,Control also very experienced board real. You have to drag sin Lao Square and set up very different from that.

second chance

Chess Titans are satisfied, even if it is many years since its launch. Many see a lot of time with him whenhe ischeznanajnovite wersjiOkna. Fortunately, the resort offers you a second chance.