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Easy Video Maker

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Easy Video Maker

Ironically, Easy Video Maker is one of the most complex programs I’ve ever made to make video for free. Practical and intuitive.

How to make a video?

At first glance, Easy Video Maker has a pretty full and busy user interface. There are many buttons and options that are not quiteobvious. Although there is a textbook that will help you, he does not make any other suggestions than those that are obvious.

You can add photos, sounds, videos and lyrics or record your own screen as a video. However, it does not make a video. Then you need to drag this option to the weatherline and put it in the background or video field (which is not recommended for the textbook). But what’s the difference between the background and video fields, it remains a mystery, just as you add the sounds of the video.

Hello 1990

In addition to the ugly and confusing, Easy Video Creator is not warm abouteach function. His choice seems confusing, and it’s not clear what each option is and what their functions are. For example, «special effects on the line»: what does this and what does it do, and what elements of the video? It’s astonishing.

The rendering video is the same slow process. Maybe ten days agoFor years, Easy Video Maker is an example of a simple way to create video, but this program has significantly increased for Windows and mobile devices, and now it seems to be outdated.

A new name is required

If such a video beginner is downloading EasyVideo Maker and discouraged because the processit feels so complicated, do not worry. There are other programs that really simplifies the creation of a video, offering more advanced features, such as Free Video Editor or VideoPad Video Editor. This program has unforgettable, but it’s all profitable. DevelopersRealZealSoft offer additional information (for example, manuals and instructions) on their website.