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Five Nights at Freddys 1

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Five Nights at Freddys 1

Word of advice: never worked as a night watchman. If so, make sure it is not a fast food restaurant, which is housed dismantled animators Animal Pop group. As seen on five nights at «Freddy» it is a career choice that schrikkenzhivite DRL is to you.

Teddy Bears Picnic – page

When you start the game, you get very little information other than or obsessively recorded a message of the former employee of Freddy’sOpasnostite work instructions.

ZitteninYour office, watch 11 security cameras that are accustomed to different parts of the restaurant. You should look for the movement signs of one of the four animator characters originally excluded. If you notice a dreadful looking creature moving around you, you may want to put one in the office lights to make sure she is about to break your mind. If a person at the door, press the zatvoritekolkoto button faster.

VerificationA camera light opgenomendeat closing doors send electricity from you only a limited amount. You start at night at 12:00 and the need to go through six hours without power drain at zero percent – or let one of the costumed office creatures. Every night expensive tongue spring eight to nine minutes in real time.

The first evening of five nights with Freddy is easy enough and you will not find many dvizhenieOtCharacter eyes – no matter if you do, it’s great to watch. During a night trip, Chica on Chicken, Bonnie Bunny, Foxyde Pirate Fox and Cryptic Freddy Fazbear will be more active. For some of the characters will be able to develop models and guidelines for how it will work. But Freddie – which kept behind the curtain away from others – a law for themselves, and it seemed impossible to predict what to doIts.

NietbadiUplashen of darkness

The trick to succeeding in «Five nights» «Freddy» will not give you the lights and track and shut the door, not afraid. Most of the time you’ll have to sit tight to save energy, contributing to the fear factor because you feel weak against the attack.

The controls are very simple. You can activate the left or right to watch your seat, click on both sides of the screen and theLights and hall doors, using the appropriate prevklyuchvateli.KameriteCCTV can be accessed by clicking the big button under the screen.

Preparing to jump

The graphics of «Five Nights» in «Freddie» are unusual but stylish. The game combines pixel DOS-like presentatiemet scary modeling on four characters. The jumps are great experience. The way you know the character appeared in the office when you suddenlyOn the screen, with a scrawny knifePlavashti a few centimeters from his chair.

Sound effects to help Freddie’s five nights to increase the game. From which the fizzle and crackling of the camera apparently step clip for all the sounds of the game is meant to instill fear.

Five nights of hell

Five nights in «Freddy» is oneof the worst game I’ve played at a later time, and if you’re brave enough to try the game, you’re in for an intense stomachBolkalechenie. This means that if you horror games that have a lot of action, it’s best thing like Dead Space or Left 4 Dead, which proberenje can really quarrel!